Pocket Tanks x-0.1

Simple and addictive tank game that is fun and challenging

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    Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows 95

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    7.7 (1262)

Pocket Tanks is a simple 2D turn based shooter where players in miniature tanks aim to take their opponents out on a variety of maps with a variety of weapons. With a simple interface and minimal introduction, players can jump right into the action and start busting each other apart with their weapons of choice. Odd landscapes add a bit of challenge to the game as the player must figure out whether their artillery can travel the distance it has to hit the target. If players want to fine-tune their aim, a target practice mode is available to ensure that they are aiming true when a real enemy is on the other side.

A simple point-and-click game, Pocket Tanks is an easy game to learn for players of all ages. After picking their tanks' colors and their weapons, players are thrust onto the battlefield to blow up everything in sight, and hopefully, their opponent too. No part of the landscape is safe, allowing strategy to take hold in what appears to be a simple shoot-em-up game. Weapons can add and remove terrain to manipulate the terrain, possibly turning the tides of battle.


  • Tons of variety. With 30 weapons to choose from in the base game and far more terrain options, no two matchups will be alike for quite some time.
  • Easily accessible. After choosing a tank and a set of weapons, any player can start shooting.
  • Simple controls. After aiming and clicking, no additional movement is necessary.


  • Simple graphics. This is a relatively old game that isn't meant to hit any graphics benchmarks.
  • 2D. There is no flanking or other strategy to be done, aside from using hills and trenches.
  • Multiplayer. Unless your opponent is right in the room or on your network, you cannot play them.

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